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Become a CHD-FA™ Trading Partner

CHD-FA™ Fulvic Acid as an active ingredient, in liquid or powder form, can be purchased directly from Fulvimed (Pty) Ltd. If you would like to become a CHD-FA™ trading partner, please contact us. We will assist any interested party with advice on research done and formulations. The service provided by Fulvimed ranges from advice on efficacy, formulation, and packaging to stability. Fulvimed as a cGMP site can supply CHD-FA™ for you to formulate and pack yourself or we can pack a final formulated product under our license as per your requirements.

CHD-FA™ Products

The wide efficacy range of Fulvic Acid CHD-FA™ makes it ideal for use in an extensive variety of products supported by the work done on CHD-FA™ and knowledge about Fulvic Acid in the public domain. Presently the following products are being manufactured by Fulvimed (Pty) Ltd and traded by various companies in the health and wellness space.

Digestive health tablets
Fungal relief cream for feet
Immune-boosting effervescent tablets
Cold and flu effervescent tablets
Immune boosting tablets
Immune boosting liquid concentrate
Lip sore gel
Multivitamin tablets

Throat spray
Topical gel for stings and burns
Topical spray for stings and burns
Urinary tract care tablets
Vaginal relief cream
Anti-oxidant liquid
Gel for cuts and burns
Cream for bites and burns
Cream as a medical device for eczema