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FUL.HEALTH Travel Kit – a bag filled with CHD-FA™ anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant goodness.

The Travel Kit contains health & wellness must-haves that can go wherever you go! Keep it in your handbag, briefcase, suitcase or car and have the incredible healing properties of CHD-FA™ ready when you need them.

FUL.HEALTH Travel Kit includes Wellness Lotion (50ml), Wellness Drink (50ml), Throat Spray (30ml), STIZER Hand Sanitizer (50ml), Soothing Gel (50ml), Nasal Spray (30ml), Mouthwash (50ml) and Lip Balm (10ml) and comes in a compact and clear vinyl bag.

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FUL.HEALTH Travel Kit includes Wellness Lotion (50ml), Wellness Drink (50ml), Throat Spray (30ml), Soothing Gel (50ml), Nasal Spray (30ml), Mouthwash (50ml) and Lip Balm (10ml) and comes in a compact and clear vinyl bag.

What’s in the bag?

FUL.HEALTH Wellness Lotion (50ml):
FUL.HEALTH Wellness Lotion is gentle and soothes many skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Insect Bites, Burns, Sunburn, Blisters, Cuts, Wounds, Bacterial & Fungal Infections, Inflammation and more.

FUL.HEALTH Wellness Drink (50ml):
Use FUL.HEALTH Wellness Drink every day as a detoxifying drink to boost the body’s immune system and enhance vitality. Used regularly, it enables cells to absorb nutrients and is an antioxidant.

FUL.HEALTH Throat Spray (30ml):
FUL.HEALTH Throat Spray relieves sore throat related to coughs, colds, flu, swollen tonsils, laryngitis, pharyngitis and general oral hygiene.

FUL.HEALTH STIZER Hand Sanitizer (50ml):
FUL.HEALTH STIZER is a gentle, organic, waterless, alcohol-free, antiviral hand sanitizer, barrier application. It’s non-toxic, bio-secure, eco-friendly,
and kills 99.99% of known germs.

FUL.HEALTH Soothing Gel (50ml):
FUL.HEALTH Soothing Gel may assist in the relief of skin conditions such as minor cuts, burns, rashes, eczema and psoriasis. Beneficial for skin infections, as well as disinfecting wounds cuts and grazes.

FUL.HEALTH Nasal Spray (30ml):
FUL.HEALTH Nasal Spray is a safe, natural way to soothe and relieve symptoms associated with a runny or blocked nose and sinusitis by keeping mucus loose and nasal passages clear.

FUL.HEALTH Mouthwash (50ml):
FUL.HEALTH Mouthwash may assist with temporary symptomatic relief, improvement and support of minor infections in the mouth and painful inflammatory conditions of the mouth and throat.

FUL.HEALTH Lip Balm (10ml):
FUL.HEALTH Lip Balm is a daily lip conditioning treatment that may assist with chapped or dry lips or other mild lip irritations. Soothes, Heals and Protects.


  • See individual product packaging for ingredients.



Ful.Health - LogoFUL.HEALTH is a superior range of health & wellness products brought to you by Fulvimed. Applying years of experience in formulations of CarboHydrate Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA™), we bring you the best that CHD-FA™ has to offer. Invest in your health with the proven natural antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of this miracle molecule. Take control of your immune system and give it the support it needs to run at optimal capacity while fighting infections. Manufactured under the Fulvimed GMP license offering a high-quality product, not only by way of efficacy but also manufacturing standards. FUL.HEALTH is your body's shield – an investment, not an expense!
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Directions, Warnings & Side Effects:

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This product is produced and packed in a SAHPRA cGMP licensed Manufacturing Pharmacy Facility.


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