CarboHydrate Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA™) is a well-known antioxidant agent whilst also assisting with nutritional uptake. CHD-FA™ provides all the natural health properties of Fulvic Acid, without the heavy metals and contaminants.

Environmental Fulvic Acid is at risk to contain harmful contaminants and heavy metals such as arsenic and lead as well as pesticides and herbicides, making it unsuitable for human and animal consumption. CHD-FA™ is free from these unsafe elements.

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Fulvic Acid, the energy of life.

Environmental Fulvic Acid is formed over a very long period of time in extremely small amounts by millions of beneficial microbes that work on decaying plant matter. It works to activate the nutrients within the soil so it can be utilised by the cells of plants. As in soil, it serves as an essential vehicle that carries vitamins and nutrients to the needed area in our bodies, making it available for optimal uptake.

Fulvic Acid contains a range of organic acids, each one having its own action and purpose and the whole working together – it is not a single molecule. CHD-FA™ has been proven to be batch to batch consistent and is made up of a similar range of organic acids as Fulvic Acid, working in unison with your body as intended by nature. Read more detailed information about this subject here »

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Safety & Quality

The ultimate holding company of Fulvimed, Fulhold Pharma Ltd is responsible for the development of CHD-FA. Fulhold Pharma has successfully completed a range of safety, toxicity and efficacy studies at various respected institutions worldwide. CHD-FA™ is produced by Fulvimed (Pty) Ltd. The production facility, which is also a registered Manufacturing Pharmacy in South Africa, is cGMP and FSSC 22000 approved, making CHD-FA™ the only Fulvic Acid being produced internationally under such strict regulatory conditions.

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