Fulvic Acid Benefits for Health and Wellness

CHD-FA™, being a range of organic acids, has a wide range of health properties. Fulvic Acid benefits are well documented in literature over and above its antioxidant agent properties, whilst assisting with nutritional uptake.

CHD-FA™ Fulvic Acid health benefits:

Nutritional Uptake
Helps improve nutritional uptake. In-vitro studies have shown that CHD-FA™ increases the uptake of minerals by up to 60% more than normal, supporting good health.

Proven Chelator
CHD-FA™ is a well-known chelator and acts as an ion exchanger by releasing low mass metal (iron) and chelating heavier metal ions, detoxifying the body. Fulvic acid possesses many biomedical functions related to its ability to promote the electrochemical balance in cells which is crucial for energy in cells.

CHD-FA™ is one of the most effective antioxidants eliminating free radicals, limiting their damage to membranes of cells, proteins and DNA.

Gut Health
Because of its various properties, CHD-FA™ may also assists with gut health.

Natural Electrolytes
Because of the mineral and trace elements in CHD-FA™, it is an excellent natural electrolyte that is able to replace essential micro-elements lost during exercise.

Strengthen Immune System
The various properties of CHD-FA™ in formulation with other vitamins and minerals assist in building the immune system.

Fights Chronic Fatigue
CHD-FA™ with its antioxidant and nutritional uptake properties may help with chronic fatigue.

Is CHD-FA™ Fulvic Acid safe for humans?100%
Is CHD-FA™ Fulvic Acid safe for animals?100%
Possible side effects when using CHD-FA™:

A slight headache may occur due to the detoxifying effect.
No other known side effects have been reported.

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Expect these benefits when using CHD-FA™:

A stronger immune system
Protection against diseases and infections
Renewed energy
Reduced body aches and free radical damage
Shortened recovery time from muscular and joint pains
Better oxygenation
Detoxing of your body
Less heavy metals in your body
Assists with improved concentration
Assists with increased metabolism

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