Is Fulvic Acid Effective?

The health benefits of humic and fulvic acid have been known for many years. Fulvic Acid has been used for various conditions. But what makes CHD-FA™ better than other environmental fulvic acids?

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For over 2 decades, Fulhold Pharma Ltd the ultimate holding company of Fulvimed, has conducted extensive studies at world-renowned medical institutions specifically regarding the efficacy of CHD-FA™. The aim was to rely on proven supporting data instead of anecdotal data and general information. Is Fulvic Acid effective? Yes, CHD-FA™ is effective, safe and tested.

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CHD-FA™ inhibits Carrageen-induced inflammation and enhances wound healing. This peer-reviewed published study conducted at the University of Pretoria indicated that CHD-FA™ has its anti-inflammatory effect by neutralising free radicals. The rate of reduction in the inflammation as a result of ingesting CHD-FA™ is equivalent to that of Indomethacin, a registered anti-inflammatory often used.

Phase 1 clinical study of the acute and sub-acute safety and proof of concept efficacy in humans. This peer-reviewed published study also proved that CHD-FA™ acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Inflammatory efficacy of CHD-FA™ in an in vitro whole blood assay (human). The conclusion of this study done at Washington Biotechnology was that CHD-FA™ is a potent anti-inflammatory agent comparable to Dexamethasone.

In a randomized, parallel-group, double-blind, controlled study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of CHD-FA™ in the topical treatment of eczema which was peer-reviewed and published it was found that CHD-FA™ in a cream formulation successfully improved eczema condition.

CHD-FA™ is a highly promising topical agent to enhance healing of wounds infected with drug-resistant pathogens. This peer-reviewed and published work was done at Public Health Research Institute Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School. The study proved that CHD-FA™ is effective against the ‘super-bug’, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a powerful microbe that has become a major concern worldwide.

Biological properties of CHD-FA™ as a potential novel therapy for the management of oral biofilm infections. This work is done at the world-famous Glasgow Dental School, School of Medicines that was peer-reviewed and published. This study concluded that CHD-FA™ exhibits broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity against orally-relevant biofilm organisms.

Synergistic effect of CHD-FA™. The results of this study conducted at the University of Pretoria showed that CHD-FA™ has antimicrobial activity against Staphylococcus aureus, multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Candida albicans. The antimicrobial spectrum of CHD-FA™ compares favourably with that of currently prescribed antibiotics and acts synergistically with oxacillin (methicillin) and gentamicin. A Gram stain of C. albicans grown in the presence of CHD-FA™ showed rounded enlarged non-dividing bodies indicating that this product acts on the cell wall of microorganisms.

Assessment of the in vitro efficacy of CHD-FA ± Oxacillin following several passages in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (EMRSA16). This study at EuproTec in the UK indicated that there is no resistance build-up by CHD-FA™.

Determination of the in vitro efficacy of CHD-FA™ against Multi-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae and Mycobacteria. The study concluded:
CHD-FA™ was effective against NDM-1, KPC and ESBL positive Klebsiella pneumonia and multi-resistant E. coli strains with a 100% MIC value of 0.06-0.12%.
CHD-FA™ was highly effective against multi-resistant Gram-negative bacilli including NDM-1 positive strains. CHD-FA was also highly effective against Mycobacterium smegmatis. All organisms were inhibited using ≤0.12% of CHD-FA™.

Studies carried out at Fungiscope in Germany showed that resistant Candida strains tested were inhibited by CHD-FA™.

Assessment of the in vivo efficacy of CHD-FA™ in a murine model of disseminated candidiasis. This study done at Euprotec in the UK proved that CHD-FA™ is effective in vivo against Candida Albicans on its own or in combination with other medicines such as Fluconazole.

Assessment of the in vitro efficacy of CHD-FA™ against Malassezia and dermatophyte isolates. This study done at Euprotec in the UK proved that CHD-FA™:
inhibits the growth of Malassezia dermatitis, Malassezia furfur and Malassezia globosa when used as a 0.125% solution at its native pH of 2.1 in vitro.
inhibits the growth of all dermatophyte strains tested, except Microsporum canis, when used as a 0.2-0.4% solution

The antioxidant properties are well-documented in general literature such as the article in the Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment Vol. 9 (3&4): 1 2 3 – 1 2 7 . 2 0 1 1. Testing was also done on CHD-FA™ confirming its excellent antioxidant properties. The summary of work done at the University of Pretoria said: In conclusion, it has been shown that CHD-FA™ possesses some antioxidant properties in vitro.

CHD-FA™ assist in nutritional uptake as has been proven by a study at the University of Pretoria. From the study, it is clear that CHD-FA™ will assist in the nutritional uptake of various minerals.

Because of the properties of CHD-FA™, it essentially acts as its own preservative in various products. The preservative efficacy report by SWIFT SILLIKER confirms the preservative properties of CHD-FA™.

The studies mentioned above are but a few completed on CHD-FA™ Fulvic Acid. Contact us if more information regarding this body of work or any additional questions or queries that you might have.

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