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Fulvic Acid Skin Care

Who does not desire younger, healthier looking skin? Fulvic Acid skin care is not a new trend, it has successfully been used since the beginning of time across the globe to preserve and heal many skin conditions. What is new, is that we now have science to prove the many benefits of using Fulvic Acid as a skin care treatment, from rejuvenation to serious medical skin ailments.

6 Reasons to add Fulvid Acid skin care to your daily routine:

It’s certified organic
It’s a preservative – no nasty extra preservatives needed
It’s a free radical scavenger
It’s an antibacterial
It’s an anti-inflammatory
It’s a chelator – making minerals more bioavailable

Cellular Rejuvenation

The properties in the active ingredient enable Fulvic Acid to assist in every stage of cellular rejuvenation. It aids in neutralizing unwanted toxins and carries nutrients to skin cells. By improving cellular metabolism, Fulvic Acid reduces inflammation thereby rejuvenating the skin. It penetrates the skin efficiently and without any help from other compounds. Because Fulvic Acid’s molecular size is so small, it can penetrate effectively into your skin and communicate more efficiently with cells. It works wonders to gently maintain the pH balance of the skin and fight the ageing of skin.

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Class 1 Medical Device

CHD-FA™ also assists with all types of serious skin care issues. In a randomized, parallel-group, double-blind, controlled study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of CHD-FA™ in the topical treatment of eczema which was peer-reviewed and published, it was found that CHD-FA™ in a cream formulation successfully improved eczema condition. The product, Reczema for treatment of eczema is registered as a Class 1 Medical Device in the EU. See a list of other CHD-FA™ skin care products by Secuvie here »