Fulvic Acid Sport Supplements

CHD-FA™ as a free radical scavenger, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory has the ability to protect muscle cells and thus may reduce the detrimental effects of lactic acid build-up and inflammation. Testimonials have shown that when CHD-FA™ Fulvic Acid sport supplements are taken, muscle soreness after exercise is decreased and the ability to train for longer is noticed.

It is widely known that Fulvic Acid possesses truly remarkable biological properties. It is these properties which make the use of CHD-FA™ as a natural supplement for athletes a must. Here’s why:

Is an anti-inflammatory assisting with inflammatory conditions speeding up recovery in athletes by repairing damaged tissue.
Its chelating properties increasing making minerals more bioavailable assisting in recovery and reducing stress on kidneys.
Reducing stress on energy metabolism during sport and recovery
Reduces the impact of free radicals during and after sport.
Provides optimal protection against the increased production of oxidants.
Restores electrolyte balance essential for optimal muscle function and energy metabolism.

FulviSafe - Sanitizer
OccuFUL X - Health Tonic
Powerful Antioxidant

It is vital, especially for athletes, to consume a regular amount of antioxidants. Well-known antioxidants include vitamins C, E and Selenium, but the complex structure of CHD-FA™ makes it far more powerful antioxidant than other nutrients known. This, combined with its anti-inflammatory and chelating properties, make it an ideal supplement to be used when working out.

Due to the numerous benefits of CHD-FA™, it is extremely useful to people participating in any type of exercise.

When Fulvic Acid sport supplements are taken regularly, problems associated with lactic acid and carbon dioxide may be drastically reduced.

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