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8 Health & Wellness Travel Tips – The healthy traveller’s guide

Health Benefits

The act of travelling can be a daunting experience! Many people get affected by the stale air, processed food, lack of exercise and an increased risk from pathogens. We’ve therefore developed a general health & wellness hygiene Travel Kit which can aid in the stresses of travelling.

The act of travelling, when using public transport such as aeroplanes, trains and busses can be a daunting experience in general. You find yourself in a confined to one seat in a metal tube with hundreds of other passengers, breathing semi-recirculated air, with an increased risk from pathogens. Many people get affected by the stale air, processed food, alcohol, caffeine and lack of exercise. As you pass through multiple time zones your internal clock goes on a rollercoaster ride, leaving you feeling drained & confused. For days after arriving at a destination, one can suffer from a sore throat and sometimes influenza-like symptoms.

The two main causes of these symptoms are bacteria and viruses.

Bacteria are the main cause of a sore throat, which is often referred to as a Strep throat, due to the organism responsible being a member of the genus Streptococcus. The primary species of Streptococcus is S.pyogenes. CHD-FA has been tested against 4 species of Streptococcus, including S.pyogenes. All tests were successful with a 100% kill rate.

CHD-FA exhibits in vitro anti-viral activity against enveloped viruses. In an in vitro test report from 2006 CHD-FA was able to neutralise Influenza strains X31, Pr8, a recombinant Vietnam strain containing the NS gene from H5N1, and the bird flu strain H5N1 (SARS). We, therefore, believe there is enough evidence to test CHD-FA not only against further bacteria but also viruses that cause influenza and that present with influenza-like symptoms.

Health & Wellness Hygiene Travel Kit

We’ve developed a general health & wellness hygiene Travel Kit which can aid in the stresses of travelling by aeroplanes, trains, and busses. Our kit includes hand sanitizer, sore throat spray, mouthwash, wellness drink, nasal spray, antibacterial gel, lip balm, and wellness lotion. All products are safe, non-toxic, non-flammable and alcohol-free. This makes them perfect for all people who cannot use alcohol-based sanitisers or who are allergic to chemicals.

8 Health & Wellness Travel Tips

  1. Strengthen your immune system before travelling! The Wellness Drink is perfect for this.
  2. Drink water to stay hydrated (avoid caffeine & alcohol). Also, hydrate your skin (Wellness Lotion) and lips (Lip Balm).
  3. Sanitize your hands, seat, and armrests with alcohol-free hand sanitizer before settling in.
  4. Move around as much as possible, get the blood flowing through your system.
  5. Use the Throat Spray often to kill any bad bacteria that might be lurking in your mouth.
  6. Avoid processed foods. If possible, prepare and take your own healthy snacks.
  7. Use the antibacterial Mouthwash, which is safe to swallow, for oral hygiene.
  8. Rest! Staying calm and resting will help your immune system deal with the stresses of travelling.
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When we take care of our bodies before, during and after travelling, we find that the recovery time is much faster, allowing us to enjoy the reasons why we travelled in the first place!

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