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Carbohydrate-Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA™) is a chelator, it possesses the ability to bind to minerals and other nutrients when ingested.

Fulvimed undertook a study at a prominent university to test for mineral uptake in a mouse model that is known to accurately predict the intestinal transport of substances in humans. The test was also able to show the absorption of minerals along different sites along the intestine. The test was conducted with minerals alone and in combination with CHD-FA™.

Five minerals were tested independently – calcium, iron 2, iron 3, magnesium and zinc.

CHD-FA™ Absobsion With Calcium

When CHD-Fulvic Acid™ was combined with calcium the highest absorption was in the lower intestine, with over 50 % greater absorption than calcium alone. This has far-reaching consequences for people with brittle bones or other calcium-related medical conditions who are required to use calcium supplements.

Iron 2 and 3 Absobsion With CHD-FA™

When CHD-Fulvic Acid™ was combined with iron 2 the highest absorption was in the middle of the intestine with 60% greater absorption than iron alone. For people suffering from anemia this poses a possibility of increasing iron uptake in the diet. It also suggests a good application with animals such as pigs who suffer from a lack of iron uptake during the first month of birth.

The uptake of iron 3 was even more significant. When in combination with CHD-FA the average increase in uptake over the whole intestine was over 80%. This again has profound consequences for people who use iron supplements. The interesting point about iron 3 was that there was a significant increase in uptake across the whole of the intestine.

Magnesium Absobsion With CHD-FA™

When combined with magnesium the uptake across all segments of the intestine, predominantly in the upper intestine averaging 15%.

Zinc Absobsion With CHD-FA™

Finally, the uptake of zinc was the most pronounced in combination with CHD-FA™. The uptake was most pronounced in the central intestine with over 200% on average increased uptake.

Absorption Of Minerals: Conclusion

In summary, these tests showed the benefits of CHD-Fulvic Acid™ in the diet to promote mineral uptake into the body. This has far-reaching implications for people on mineral deficient diets as well as, for example, athletes recovering from strenuous exercise.

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