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Fulvic Acid Health Benefits: What You Need To Know

Health Benefits

Fulvic Acid is good for brain, skin, and gut health. Here is everything that you need to know about this compound.

Fulvic Acid is super nutrient that you’ve probably never heard of. This compound has not received as much fanfare as fish oil, kombucha, or probiotics, but it offers just as many health benefits.

Naturally found in healthy soils, rocks, and streams, Fulvic Acid is an organic element made when animals and plants decompose. This compound is one of the primary active components in Shilajit, which is a combination of trace organic materials that have been used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to heal wounds, fight inflammation, help regulate the heart function, provide energy, and boost immunity.[1]

Fulvic Acid is truly unique in structure. Because it contains ionic trace minerals, it can change its function depending on what elements it’s exposed to.[2] This nutrient helps us use and absorb other essential nutrients better. It also helps the body get rid of toxic heavy metals. Because of its unique chemical structure, Fulvic Acid fights free radicals that damage our bodies and contribute to the ageing process.[2]

In the past, we got all of the Fulvic Acids that we needed from the plants that we consume. However, the use of herbicides and pesticides have depleted the soil’s natural Fulvic Acid reserves, which means that we don’t get enough.[2] Luckily, we can supplement with Fulvic Acid to get what we need.

Fulvic Acid Health Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits of Fulvic Acid that you should know about.

Fights Alzheimer’s Disease

Studies published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease indicate that Fulvic Acid may help protect against Alzheimer’s disease. Fulvic Acid helps stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease by counteracting the processes that cause cognitive impairments. The researchers concluded that Fulvic Acid may help inform the development of natural treatments for dementia.[3]

Promotes Gut Health

Fulvic Acid contains a variety of trace minerals and nutrients that help maintain a healthy gut. These help flood the digestive tract with beneficial bacteria that help promote a healthy gut environment. The nutrients and helpful bacteria also help reduce the risk of inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) by promoting improved digestion.[4]

Helps Control Diabetes

Several studies have found that Fulvic Acid is helpful in managing diabetes. It has been shown to help reduce hyperglycemia in diabetic rats. Fulvic Acid also helps reduce chronic inflammation and oxidative stress that is associated with diabetes.[4]

Is Fulvic Acid Safe?

According to research, Fulvic Acid is safe and effective. [1] However, high levels of lead were found in certain Fulvic Acid supplements sold in the United States and India. As a result, there were cases of lead poisoning linked to Fulvic Acid supplements.[5]

Pure Fulvic Acid

When supplementing with Fulvic Acid, it is important to choose a pure form of the compound that comes from a trusted source. We’ve created a PURE form of Fulvic Acid called CHD-FA™. Our formula does not contain any contaminants or heavy metals. It is 100% safe for human and animal consumption. Additionally, CHD-FA™ is produced and packed in a GMP-licensed Manufacturing Pharmacy Facility. It is the only form of Fulvic Acid that is GMP-approved. Click here to buy Fulvic Acid from our trusted suppliers.

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