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Fulvic Acid Supplement for Athletes: Why it’s important

Using a Fulvic Acid Supplement will reduce your recovery time, allowing you to focus on what’s important – your training!

Vitamins and minerals are nutrients that are of great importance to our organism, especially when we train. But if you are in the training regime that does not mean that you need significantly higher amounts of any vitamins or minerals unless the results show the opposite.

By knowing the facts about the functioning of the body, you will be able to estimate the best which nutrition could be most effective.

However, there are some nutrients that people simply do not get enough and can make a difference if you’re an athlete- vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and one of the most critical – Fulvic Acid supplement.

Until recently, the only source of Fulvic Acid was from our increasingly spoiled soil. Laboratory analyses of such supplements have uncovered high levels of heavy metals as well as notorious herbicide residues.

This impurity is one of the main factors preventing the use of Fulvic Acid for athletes as an ingredient in their workout regime.

What is the CHD-FA™ Fulvic Acid supplement for athletes?

Carbohydrate-Derived Fulvic Acid is a range of organic acid manufactured by a patented process. CHD-FA™ has proven antioxidant, chelating (assisting with nutritional uptake) and anti-inflammatory properties.

But, here’s the real breakthrough.

Carbohydrate-Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA™) is derived from a safe carbohydrate, which makes it free of the all contaminants in comparison to the Fulvic Acid extracted from the coal or other sources. The carbohydrate is used up in the manufacturing process, which leaves the CHD-FA™ with no carbohydrate residue. Over and above it is manufactured under controlled conditions so batch to batch consistency is guaranteed.

Why is that?

Although Fulvic Acid extracted from the coal and other sources has useful properties, it has several that makes it not so much appealing.

The problem with coal and other mined sources of Fulvic Acid is that with Fulvic Acid comes everything else that comes with it, (i.e., mercury, lead) to a such an extent that it does more harm than good.

On the other hand, plant-derived Fulvic Acid means that we can control its production, so it’s free from the contaminants.

But that’s not the only thing.

Due to its proven chelating properties, Fulvic Acid makes other minerals and nutrients passable through cellular membranes, allowing them to be adequately absorbed. The 1+1=3 principle!

But let’s talk more about what would be the benefits for you, an athlete, from the CHD-FA™ Fulvic Acid as a supplement.

Muscle recovery

Researchers at the Oregon University have found that in athletes whose diet does not include sufficient amounts of Fulvic Acid, muscle tissue is more difficult to recover than in athletes who have consumed needed amounts.

It has been found that even a small lack of Fulvic Acid can cause significant difficulties in training and recovery in athletes.

Lowers pain

Due to the higher amounts of electrolytes, Fulvic Acid can boost the activity of our cells by helping them to survive the damage caused by things like oxidative stress. This also makes Fulvic Acid ideal for lowering the

  • nerve pain,
  • joint pain, or
  • muscle pain.

Furthermore, an electrolyte balance soothes and relaxes muscles, decrease inflammation, reduces swelling, and improves circulation.

Boosts energy levels

Fulvic Acid can boost energy levels in multiple ways.

Through it, we are taking oxygen and other nutrients, thus producing much-needed power from the electrons that these substances carry. That energy then is stored in the form of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which the body breaks down and uses to finance every single thing you do, from blinking to high performance running.

In other words, Fulvic Acid supplement encourages the athlete’s body to produce more significant amounts of energy at a much faster rate than usual!

The bottom line

Athletes who have a regular and healthy diet should not necessarily have the need to take any extra supplementation.

However, our soils are so over-farmed that you will lack essential ingredients that nature intended you to have. Thus, even if you eat healthily or not, and you’re an athlete and reading this, then a CHD-FA™ Fulvic Acid supplement could be your first step towards great results.

Why is a Fulvic Acid Supplement essential?

You may wonder why a Fulvic Acid Supplement for athletes might be necessary. Just think about what it offers in one product:

  1. By supplementing your diet with CHD-FA™ you are getting much-needed antioxidants which cleanses your body essentially supporting recovery
  2. It is an anti-inflammatory clearing up those inflammatory conditions every athlete struggles with
  3. It is a proven chelating agent making nutrients more available where they are most needed
As an athlete your recovery time will be minimized when using CHD-FA™ Fulvic Acid, you will feel stronger and have more energy to really enjoy your training!
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