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5 Ways To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Exercise, a healthy diet, a restful sleep, hydration, and high-quality CHD-FA™ supplements can make an enormous difference to how your body fights disease and recovers from infections.

You’re not alone if you want to boost your immune system naturally. All living beings are in constant interaction with thousands of microorganisms. That’s why the concept of health is quite elusive. In fact, we will rarely have a moment of perfect well-being, as our systems are in constant flux.
Even so, the immune system does a magnificent job in keeping pathogens away. The immune system consists of a series of cells (white blood cells) and substances they create (inflammatory cytokines and antibodies). Together they contribute to destroying invaders, both familiar and completely unknown. So, what can you do to boost your immune system naturally?

Water is life! Stay hydrated

Some would ask why hydration would be important for the immune system. There are several reasons. One of them is that keeping hydrated promotes blood circulation and helps white blood cells reach infected areas. But there’s also a direct relationship because water is useful for metabolic reactions, too. That’s why dehydration can compromise immunity by reducing the concentration of certain antibacterial substances in body fluids and mucosal linings [1].

Get enough zzz’s – Rest and sleep

Most people underestimate sleep, but they should not. Sleep is paramount for our mental health and may also contribute to maintaining a fully-functioning immune system. Sleeping aids your circadian clocks to maintain a healthy rhythm. Cortisol secretion is associated with a circadian rhythm, and when it gets out of control it would immediately compromise the function and number of circulating white blood cells. Additionally, researchers have recognized several immune system abnormalities in sleep conditions such as insomnia and shift work disorder [2].

Dump the junk! Adopt a healthy diet

The quality of your diet is fundamental to maintain a healthy body and a strong immune system. For example, vitamin D and zinc are essential to maintain a high white blood cell count. They contribute to cell differentiation and activate key enzymes for the innate and adaptive immunity. Vitamin C is also known to boost your immune system naturally. It does not cure colds but may contribute to shortening the symptomatic phase [3].

Let’s get physical – Exercise often

Exercise is an excellent aid to boost your immune system naturally. It clears out the respiratory tract and contributes to maintaining blood circulation. Additionally, it is known that exercise helps your white blood cells move faster than usual. It lowers your cortisol levels and may give you an edge on immunity [4].


MEGA BOOST! Use a CHD-FA™ Supplement

Finally, for a healthy immune system, it is recommended to get a dose of immune-boosting Fulvic Acid. CHD-Fulvic Acid™ supplements activate splenocytes, macrophages, and other cells that contribute to destroying pathogens in the organism. It also has anti-allergic activity, and it is a potent antioxidant. In other words, you will get the exact intensity of immune response to kill bacteria without causing uncomfortable symptoms such as itching, redness and soreness [5]. CHD-FA™ will also assist with nutritional uptake, therefore enhancing the absorption of minerals. Other CHD-FA™ benefits include the proven anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, giving you a well-rounded edge over a healthy immune system (read more about CHD-Fulvic Acid™ benefits here).

In these times, it is particularly important to preserve and boost your immune system naturally. Exercise, a healthy diet, a restful sleep, hydration, and high-quality supplements including CHD-FA™ can make an enormous difference to how your body fights disease and recovers from infections.

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