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Anti-Ageing – Beauty from within with CHD-FA

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It’s a well-known fact that we cannot reverse the ageing process. However, there is sufficient research that shows we can slow down the ageing process. So, how can we do this?

Ageing starts with every cell in a person’s body. Not just the face, neck or hands. It starts in your late teens or early twenties when the engines of your cells start slowing down. These are organelles (organ type bodies within every cell) [1], that start slowing down. The organelle’s in question are called mitochondria [2].

Let’s explore Fulvic Acid as an anti-ageing agent…

In an article by Jonathan Stoddard in Life Extension Magazine, February 2016 [3], mention is made to fulvic acid as a component in the ayurvedic medicine shilajit from India. In-fact fulvic acid is the major component of shilajit, which is an extract of Himalayan peat or shale. It’s stated that the consumption of shilajit promotes mitochondrial regrowth and thus rejuvenation of cells. The article states “Fulvic acid stimulates mitochondrial energy transfer and makes mitochondrial extraction of energy more efficient”.

In the same article under the heading `Mitochondria and Ageing’, it states that mitochondria function less and less efficiently as we age. Fulvic acid promotes mitochondrial regrowth and thus the ability to slow the ageing process. However, more importantly, when ingested CHD-FA™ works alone as a potent antioxidant for the benefit of every cell in the body via the mitochondria (beauty from within). No other beauty therapy available does this. Beauty from within focuses on every living cell.

We know that you cannot reverse the ageing process. We do however believe that CHD-FA™ can slow down the ageing process. A typical daily dose is 15 ml per day of liquid CHD-FA™. In human clinical studies, it has been shown that a person can take up to 5 times this dose per day (75 ml) with no side effects or adverse outcomes.

CHD-FA™ is a natural fatigue-busting, stress-fighting supramolecule that not only helps one feel rejuvenated but may also revive ageing cells. It’s great as an anti-ageing agent and beneficial for the entire body from the inside out!

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